Enjoying Every Moment

Every moment is an opportunity for growth no matter what it is you are going through personally, professionally, intimately, or spiritually. Our thoughts invite our experiences. You are right where you are at because you created that reality. If you don't like the reality, begin changing the thoughts and believing in a new outcome. So many get lost because they are so use to the dogmatic mindset that has been thrusted at them and think this is normal, acceptable and they begin to believe it. I have been a victim of this behavior and mindset myself and one day I told myself that I was not a victim and I can control this situation by simply not feeding the cycle that kept revisiting itself in my own personal relationships which in turn have fragmented my reality and has caused me great suffering in the end. No more I said and began meditating, being grateful and telling myself nice things and soon enough, my life began to change and I found myself worrying less, and saw myself eagerly waking up and being just still and enjoying the moment of being alive and believing that my life has purpose and meaning.  Life just got sweeter and I feel so grateful for each day that I wake up to a new day and get a chance to make a difference and talk to you all. My life is written for your benefit and I am going to help as many as I can to improve and feel a purpose. That is my intent and so it shall be done. Catch my show every Tuesday at 7pm. Click on the link Lolo Knows Radio Live. #LOLOKNOWS