Thankful Everyday!!

I had such a wonderful week with my family both blood and friends. It's been quite an eye opening blessing to see all these loved ones I have in my life that love me and are around me because they genuinely care. These are one of the many things that I am thankful for. One thing I have seen this past week is that there have been some that are battling some serious wounds and still found the strength to be around to gain some positive motivation, share in some laughs that made even the most painful situations just disappear for a moment: shedding light that this too shall pass in time.

I had the time to reflect on a previous relationship I had that sadly did not work out. The one thing I reflected that was positive is he gave me a lesson that has forever changed my life and outlook. It is a family lesson. He has such a big family and they are very close and I witnessed that even in his tough times, he had their love and support to fall back on. This past Thanksgiving week with my family has shown me that I too have that same type of love and support and I couldn't be any happier with that.  I'd like to think that we both benefitted greatly from one another even though the break up was hurtful. Time heals and I know from my perspective, it has for sure healed me for the better and keeps me hopeful for the future. I plan on being so busy that one day the man God has destined me to be with will find me and share his life and blessings with me and give me the love I truly deserve and need. For those that have gone through a rough patch or break up, find a lesson in it all that will positively move you forward to your destiny tomorrow. Growth can be a painful journey, but the happiness in the end, is well worth it. I am on my way to fulfilling my higher spiritual self. I am thankful to know that I am learning, growing and becoming all that God has meant me to be. I haven't given up even though there were many dark moments that I did overcome, but I am a witness and testimony for all of you and  I get to shed light because I have been there.  Thank you all that tune into my show each and every week on LOLO KNOWS and I am thankful that I Heart Radio picked it up and my love movement is making it's way in many homes. Lastly, I am thank for you. God bless and may there be joy, peace, comfort and good health each and every day of your lives.