Welcome To LOLO's WORLD

I am so excited about this new journey that has been manifested by my love of talking to people and sharing my own journey and what I have learned along the way with you. Life is full of lessons and the people that we attract teach us those lessons. Most try to deflect their lessons as a way to avoid the truths that haunt them, but in order for us to learn, we must not deflect and stare our truths head on in the mirror and reflect and heal from the many things that we may not think have impacted our lives until now.  My thought as I take you on this road trip in life with me is know that I am with you and holding your hand and relating my own truths with you to open up your doorway to finally healing and living the life that you truly deserve.  Lolo Knows Everything isn't a cockiness. It's truly an accurate statement that I do know and want to know more. I live to learn, grow, understand  and want to share with the world what I have unlocked as a reference and guide to help others. My pain is your gain and me living to tell it is like Job from the Bible. He endured and his story was told. I am living to tell mine and it's something that I am grateful to the Universe for.