Who is LOLO?

LOLO is a dedicated mother, driven entrepreneur and in-demand visual artist for Studio Angel-Lo.  She is also fast-becoming known and loved as the captivating radio show host of LOLO KNOWSwhose name was coined by friend and popular recurring guest, DJ 41SE7EN.  The name LOLO KNOWS has been spreading like wildfire and has many intrigued as to what, exactly, LOLO KNOWS--to which she emphatically asserts, "LIFE!!!"  

LOLO lives abundantly and, most importantly of all, authentically.  She masters and translates her challenging and inspirational lessonsas well as her dreams, passions and the beauty she emanates, seeks and seesto all of humanity.  LOLO wants to motivate and inspire all towards the love revolution she is creating via the mediums of amazing music and good conversation.  

Join LOLO every week to catch a new episode of a good life, a good time, and the great talent she is promoting!  #LOLOKNOWS