Devin For The Win

This beautiful woman is my friend Kim and her son Devin. He was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor and is currently getting treatments at the Cleveland Clinic. A curve ball thrown in life is what we can expect because we all have a limited window of opportunity in this world to live and perhaps make a difference. I choose both and at this time. As you know, treatments are very expensive and a community has rallied to help. They have roughly over $13,000 raised on and raised more at a charity dinner, but it's still not at their goal of $100,000.
Please click on the link to make your donation today. Every little bit helps. I will be talking to Kim about an event that I would like to throw. It will involve shaving off my hair. Mind you, my hair took years to grow and it is now down the middle of my back, but it's only hair and with healthy eating, taking biotin, it will be back in no time. It's all to help my friend whose only child is in need. So, will you support me in this cause? My goal is to raise at least $50,000 dollars and this hair will be gone. There is 19 more days to this fundraiser. Here is the link: