Life's Real Awakening

This quote is so true. I just saw two people going at it on social media and I told them to make a decision about their relationship and that this was not the place to do it.  That is child's play!! I also told them that my mother was diagnosed with cancer to hopefully put it all in perspective for them so that they could settle a matter that was close to their heart. My friend and artist, Arabella Proffer, and a guest I had on Lolo Knows, put it in perspective. She said she no longer worries about shit because cancer did that for her. Once you have had it and been through it whether physically or emotionally, it should really open up your eyes to what matters. I went through a break up that was difficult for me and my ex.  He wasn't well in handling it because all he knew how to be was pissed and hurt until he felt he  no longer wanted to be that way. As we were going through an issue one day, at that very moment, I received a text from my sister, telling me about my mom being in the hospital and was diagnosed with two lesions in her brain. My thought in that matter was to continue to make peace in what I was trying to do but then I thought, I have no control over this and quite frankly, I don't care what he does and how he decides to process because that's his right. I just need to just let it be and let God just continue his duty and tend to this very important matter which is the most important time in my life. My mother needs me and nothing else matters at this point. When I let him know that and told him I wished him much love, the flood gates of heaven opened up and peace was made. I despise the fact that it took a life matter like this for someone to just back off and see the importance of what matters. Love is the only thing that will ever matter in life and I am moved everyday to show it, be it and teach it. That's my purpose before this happened and will be it after me and my family get through this most important time of my life. Folks, be kind even when you have been hurt because my ex was hurt and that's why he made decisions based what he knew to do to process the pain in his own way. We have no control of what others do but we do have control over how we respond to them. I will always choose love over hate any day of the week and pray for those that may hurt me. It will eventually work out the way it's suppose to. Never take your loved ones for granted. Make peace with them and see the floodgates of heavenly peace become your life here on Earth. When you do that, worry becomes less, pain dissolves and blessings begin to roll through. Isn't that the happiness we all seek?? I am happy and I am blessed and I am grateful for my life and the people in it. I am also thankful for the beautiful mom I have been born to that has influenced who I am today. She is one of the strongest women I know, but even when she weakens, I still see her beauty even with the imperfections that even I have had issues with, but I am happy to say that I have finally grown past them and have learned to accept them as just her beautiful imperfect, but perfect self that God saw me as a vessel to come through. I am my mother's daughter and when you see me, you see her. I get to share her with you.  Last thought!!