Honoring People's Time

We live in a very busy world and there doesn't always seem to be enough time in the day to complete it all. People can even come off a little self absorbed and not really take in consideration that others are busy but have taken an opportunity to think about you while you were running around. Today's tasks may even in fact be there tomorrow. So, what's 5 minutes of your time to speak to the one that called you and thought about you in the midst of the chaos. It just might be God's way of telling you to slow down and never take for granted those other blessings that we often do and before you know it, we have lost a friend or family member because we got too busy to even give them that precious and most treasured time of the day to them. Instead we think that they will be there tomorrow or the next day. Folks, WAKE UP!!! Look around you and really observe who really is in your corner and make a conscience effort to stay there. What's up with the people that are too busy chasing people that really are not there?? It's time to do an accounting of the ones that will benefit you, personally, professionally, spiritually and GET AWAY from the ones that are just simply there for the ride, the free drinks or the opportunity when it should arise and then kick you to the curb when it's all said and done. Be kind to those that wake up and you were the person on their mind. There are so many people in this world and you so happened to be thought of by that spirit that was called to be your friend, love and to truly support who you are. Take care of those that are consciencely taking care of you and watch your world begin to take shape into the peace and happiness that God intended it to be. 
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