Take Time to Reflect

This has been quite a time for me in reflection. Reflection is important so that I don't lose myself, the purpose I set out to do and my truth. The world can suck you in easily with so much going on these days especially the way my life can be a fast paced roller coaster. Sometimes, you just have to get off and just sit and take it all in. I have been doing this much more lately, that it's now becoming a habitual pattern that I could not be happier to have adopted. I do not know if it is age, but one thing is certain, I have prayed to get to a point where I would just stop, breathe, and just appreciate all that is around me now in the present moment. Asking my own self, how are you? This is a great question to ask ourselves daily. Think about it! When we first greet someone, we usually ask them how they are. Whether or not,  they tell you the real truth, it's still a proper question and a real question we should ask ourselves everyday. At least we can be truthful to ourselves and keep the mask on for others unless there is that one person that can truly listen and be the support and safe haven we can open ourselves to.
Here are some questions I have been asking myself as of lately. How are are you Lo? What was the best part about your day? Did you learn something new? Was there anything that troubled you? What are you most grateful right now in this moment or even in general? These are reflection questions. Practice it yourself and and watch how much more peaceful your inner self starts to become and how much more patience you may develop towards others.  I highly recommend it.