New Year, Better Me!!

These are the 5 daily reminders I have done in 2015 and will continue to remind myself in 2016. What a year I had, spiritually, emotionally, physically and professionally. 2015 began shakey with my mother's diagnoses to cancer and my son totaling our only car in which he should have been either hurt or dead, but wasn't. I could have seen that beginning as hell freezing over and it sure could have carried off and over and fucked up the rest of my year, but I knew better. This wasn't my first rodeo because I knew when there is rain and clouds, sunshine and rainbows are soon to follow. My prayer to God when I was in California back in February with that short time with the priest gave me the strength, courage and faith I needed to get past all the pain that I was enduring and to know that without a shadow of a doubt that I had the most amazing gift through a sign that was soon to follow. That was all I needed to feel in my heart and soul. Daily, I reminded myself of who I am and I began seeing things change over a period of months quickly in my favor. Friends became true blood, my sons became men, and I met the love of my life. My skincare business became more successful. I became more recognized as an artist and been offered to do my first show. I am now a partner with the 9 Hotel for my mobile spa business and my radio show is still buzzing and making waves in the industry. Tonight, I get to open my jar of accomplishments over the year and see that glass not half full, but really full. It's all in how you perceive everything at the end of the day. Ricky Spanish kept that bug in my ear as a reminder. I am now ending this year as an engaged woman and looking forward to enjoying this next phase in our relationship together as we work to flow as one soul. Thank you to all that inspire me everyday. I feel grateful to be able to love you. Hello 2016, bring your sexy ass over here and let me love you each and everyday!!!
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