Feeling Inspired

It's been a long time since I have had the real urge to write, but I knew one day, that it would arrive and it sure has. I do write a lot of my inspirational posts on Facebook and Instagram, but now it's time I use this website for all that it is required to do, inform those that want to read more about what I have to say, what drives me, and how all of this experience and wisdom that I have acquired can benefit you now. Currently, I have pushed off my regular show to work on my first art exhibition which is coming up in April, but have been proud of the success of the continuation of the show in what we created with the DJ Mix of the Week. When the talk show resumes, this will continue to air, so don't you worry. Lolo Knows Radio Show has some exciting new shows in the works coming up mid April including the Ultra Music Festival Wrap Up show. May is music month for Movement in Detroit. Interviews are being scheduled for this amazing event I look forward to experiencing with all of my friends and I will also be celebrating my 1 year anniversary with Ricky Spanish whose been my constant throughout all of this roller coaster ride we have been riding. I am so blessed to have such a man in my corner. I wouldn't want to be doing any of this without him. He was the missing piece to my puzzle and I see the big picture now and it's lovely.

Thank you all that continue to support me and are a part of my journey. Here is a link of the Dj Mix of the Week Show in the last week for you all to check out.