Learn to Have Enough

This morning I listened to the Dalai Lama speak about inner peace. Inner peace would include knowing you have enough and not getting caught up with the desires and the wants of the world. Did you look in your fridge today? Was there enough to eat? Even if there wasn't, did you have money today to get a coffee and a bite to eat this morning? Did you shower and wake up in a warm bed and put clothes on? If you did these things, then you have what you need and have enough. Cultivating a peace to having what we want is not easy as we look around at what others may have going on in their lives, but did you ever consider, that maybe, they may have just as many problems if not more to having more of the desires instead of the inner peace of just being? Please consider today's inspiring quote to help inspire a change of heart today about what is truly important. That simply is YOU, your health and enjoying what you do have instead of what you do not. Too many people are caught in a web and sooner or later they will realize this and it might be too late because they missed a mark in their true happiness. Do not let this be you. Cultivate a grateful attitude towards your life and the relationship you have with others close to you and repeat after me, I have enough.  Now, relax!!!