Wake Up and Read This Special Message

Lo's thought of the day. 

Folks are going to talk about you till the day you die. Only answer to what's necessary, but quite frankly, you don't need to. We are teachers of one another and if someone needs to talk about you, then be ok with it. They just don't realize the lesson is for them. They may not be getting that lesson yet even though it's being brought up to them to figure out. Just remember this!! It's not your business to even know why. It may truly seem like the world is in some chaotic order, but what I have learned is, it actually is not. We are own walking into our own purpose and not any one of us are walking in the same direction and that's exactly how it's suppose to be. Until we realize that, there will be no peace in our own lives. So, smile and know that you are loved and relax even with the chaos you feel around at times and know just this, it will all be ok. It will work itself out no matter what. Your purpose today is to just enjoy the journey and each day after. 
Love and light to you all and please share this message with any and all that need to hear it.