A Letter to Your Best Self

A toddler falls down at least 50 times before being able to walk but never once does he or she say that they can not do it. During each stage of our lives no matter where we are, expect to fall more times than not, but never not want to give up. Falling down hard has built more tremendous lives than not. 
There are times when I go through my pitfalls and get exhausted, doubt, kick and scream because sometimes when I see the top of the mountain, it's not as close as I thought it was and more needs to be done. Life is a mountain climb and we must continue to never give up on whatever it is our path has us on and believe in yourself that your time in being there will come. Never give up seeing yourself there. This past weekend was very tough for me and I didn't quite feel like myself and needed to remind myself of why I am writing to you now. I do not want you to give up either. If you are a mother or father, play that role well, if you are a banker, financial advisor, lawyer, nurse or even a store clerk, play those roles well. What ever it is you do, play that role like it's your best performance in a feature film. You never know where your time in whatever you are presently doing will get you to the next opportunity. Look at opportunities as a gateway to your purpose and not doubt any second of living your best life. Each day is a new day to believe that your best life is today. As long as you believe that, the rest will work itself out. 
Love and light to you!!