The Love Revolution Has Begun

Anything holding you back from love, being kind, healthy and just making your ass plain weak is the devil and that's anything you created in your mind to accept that shit you said you deserved in the first place. Love is the only true thing that is real. The only thing separating ourselves from attaining to its highest vibrational force is all the bullshit we keep conforming to and selling our souls for. You are the Devil and you are God. Make a choice to which side you stand for. They both live in you. Everything you do, say and believe is creating everything right in front of your eyes. If you don't like something, change that shit now. It all starts and ends with you!! My experience, the search for understanding is now manifested into my own reality and purpose from here on out. Why do I say these things because I care deeply and the heart I also created is too damn big for just me and my family and friends. I want the whole world to feel it pumping all the love I am creating within. Join me by staying in touch with me here and let share ideas of how we want to change the current circumstance we all are faced with in our world. I believe we certainly can because you were made magnificently to do just what I say you can. Love and light to you all. Happy New Year.