My First Attempt at Tofu

Well folks, I am a vegetarian and was one a long time ago for about 3 years, but I just couldn't resist a damn burger to save my life, but now I am stronger and with inflammatory issues, weight gain since my mom's passing, I began to take great care of myself . I began doing research a long time ago about eating for your blood type. That made perfect sense to me as every living being eats different diets, so why shouldn't we. Well I am A+ and it says I should stick to a vegetarian diet and so here I am 4 weeks in and I feel great. I even lost 8 pounds and I am feeling more energetic and productive than I can remember. 

Here is my first tofu recipe I made. The two things I did differently were not having cashews and I used coconut oil instead. So, please enjoy and remember: HEALTH is WEALTH!