New Mix Show for LOLO KNOWS

The Friday Night Mix Show with Lolo is getting a fresh new beginning even though I have spent many years working the radio show and podcast world to find my way to a more glorious platform I can be proud of. Well, prayers have been answered and I have Downtown Kay Brown to thank for her matched love and passion for music that speaks to my own soul. Kay is now my Talent Acquisition and Marketing Consultant. 

Kay grew up in Northeast Ohio. Since she was young, she has had a passion for music and the way it can influence people around her. While growing up she became an avid concert goer and attended many local shows to support friends




While working on her undergraduate degree, Kay fell in love with dance music. She enjoyed the culture of acceptance and uplifting lyrics. After finishing her undergraduate degree, she moved to Charlotte, North Carolina. While on a vacation to Detroit, Michigan she fell in love with the birthplace of TECHNO. 

Recently, she moved back to Ohio. Her goal is to establish the same sense of culture and pride the Detroit music scene thrives on. 

Kay has her undergraduate from The University of Akron. Studies included psychology, business administration and marketing. She recently graduated with her Master's from Kent State University. Studies included criminology, criminal justice and victimology. She presently works full-time with victims of crime, while she dedicates her free time to the future growth of LoLo Knows and a local music collaborative called Unplanned.

She is a blessing and I couldn't be more proud to have her on board this train that's been on the track for a long time. Thank you Downtown Kay Brown. 

Check out our last two mix shows here from Detroit, Pat Osiris and Indiana's DJ Mass Appeal. Yes, we have expanded our talent pool and we are bringing in the world. If you are a DJ and Producer that wants to be considered for our show, then hit up Downtown Kay Brown at

Lolo Mangual