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Check Out Beyond the Surface by LOLO


Beyond the Surface is a 24x48 acrylic painting that I did for my late mother's exhibition I did in her honor coming out for the first time as an artist. This can be seen until March 15, 2018 at the Metropolitan at the 9 in downtown Cleveland. Before she died, I tried to imagine where she would go and how she would transform and who and what she would see and this is part of that journey in the 12 paintings I did for that first solo exhibition that I titled, Facing the Mirror. I was imagining where I go as well and she told me while I was there even though she didn't literally. I looked at the painting in front of me that I saw was her. I love you Mommy. I miss you but I know you are near me and in my heart and thank you, I got my answer. You are the best. 

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