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Relax, Relate and Release

A Message from LOLO

My life has been manifested by my own journey of self love and becoming more self aware. The lessons I have learned are meant to be shared and I did it, not only for myself, but even with my 3 sons who gave me the most fulfilling experience being a single mother and seeing them thrive in a world full of odds that could have been stacked against them if I wasn't behind them pushing their greatness within. They are all in college pursuing their careers and are more confident in their pursuits as a result of what I taught them: focus and vision. I have since helped many others along the way from executives, other single mothers, celebrities, skincare and body work clients, to a host of friends that have benefited and are more confident and determined to live the best lives they can and feel more grateful and happy doing just that. Read what others have to say about my coaching over the years below.

 For those serious about a transformation, this is an investment you are making for yourself. What sets me apart from other coaches, is the fact I am a bodywork and skincare therapist and packages include these services. There is nothing more powerful than feeling confident from the inside out and that's what I deliver. 


Testimonial 1- "Facials with Lolo Knows Skin every month, sunscreen, great Omni vitamins Absallstars Omni, hydration, and a balanced diet keep my skin looking flawless!

I highly recommend Lolo for not only facials and massage, but she's a great life coach as well. She doesn't sugar coat the truth and she calls it like it is. If I'm stuck in a rut, she helps guide me to a solution. Her positive energy and advice are a bonus to the facials that keep me looking my best. She can pinpoint your problem areas like no other lol. Whether it's a bad diet, not enough vitamins, or toxic relationships and situations, Lolo Knows and she'll help you get back to beauty inside and out. I'm so grateful to have Lolo in my life!!๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–

Also, the products she uses are ๐Ÿ‡Cruelty Free๐Ÿ‡!"  Abigail Willis

Testimonial 2- "Lo, I want to thank you for all the support and mentorship you have shown me over the past couple of years. I can honestly say that I would not be even close to where I am today without the encouragement, advice and support you have given me. Thank you for believing in myself, for being honest with me, for showing me the ins and outs of having a healthy relationship based on your experience. Not only have you shown me how to be better, but you have also modeled how to be a more effective and loving person. You are an inspiration to me and I hope to affect others in my life as you have affected me." Brandey Page

Testimonial 3- "I have known Laura "Lolo" Mangual for approximately a year and a half have received skincare, massage and life coaching services from Laura for the same duration of time. Laura aims to provide her clients with an experience that is healing and beneficial for the mind, body and soul. The mobility of her spa and variety of services that she encompasses enables Laura advise her clients as to how customize their experience to fit their individual needs. Her wide range of therapies can accommodate small parties as well as private therapy sessions. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Laura and I am very proud of the improvement that I've seen in my skin, physical and emotional well-being that has occurred since beginning treatments with her." Abbey Studor


Retreat into the self and let go of what's holding you back

Group Retreats are coming soon to my Akron location. Relax, relate and release with others. If interested, send your inquiry here.

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