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About Lolo

LOLO is her nick name and she wears it as if she was born with it. She is a driven loving spirit with a lot of talent that she has practiced throughout her life as a free-spirit, mother and an artist. One conversation, a massage, getting a treatment, hearing her speak or seeing her paintings and you will quickly feel right away the presence of LOVE that she gives to create all that she has. You are in the presence of everything that any human on the face of this planet should be trying to do, love themselves and love others. This is the ministry of LOLO. 



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1. Alaia & Gallo – Sunday Morning (Cassimm Remix)

2. KIZZMO featuring Tatiana Owens – One in a Billion (Original Mix)
3. Matteo Floris – Whaum (Andre Salmon Dub Mix)
4. Italobros – Don’t Go (Original Mix)
5. Nic Fanciulli, Mark Fanciulli – Star (Original Mix)
6. Inner City, Latroit – You Give Me that Feeling (Jay Robinson Extended Remix)
7. GAWP & Mindek – Outrun
8. Klein – West Coast Style (Original Mix)
9. Carlo Caldareri – Forty Ounce (Original Mix)
10. Rafa Barrios – Broend (Original Mix)
11. Upteka – Dorsera
12. Harry Judda – Catfish
13. Silk City & Dua Lipa – Electricity (Black Madonna Remix)
14. Aaron Lewis – Navigation (Original Mix)
15. Mass Digital feat. PANE – Heartstrings

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I have been the preferred Mobile Spa for guests and residents at the 9 for 4 years and now I have a relaxing massage room on the spa and fitness b2 level. Call or text to book a treatment with me. these are my hours I am starting with (216)798-3992

Tuesday 9am to 7pm

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Love by Lolo and Hector M. Vega




In 2003 when I got back to painting after years of being a tired single mother of three sons, I began researching artists in the Cleveland area and Hector M. Vega came up on my search and I was mesmerized by his talent and his take on life through his work. You can get lost in one of his paintings and not want to leave it. He was one of my early inspirations of teaching myself to paint again. I patiently learned different techniques and studied masters like Frida, Diego Rivera, Van Gogh and even Warhol whom I always had a connection with since sitting in the same art room he once was at Schenley High School. I wanted to try different things. I asked myself why anyone would ever just choose one. I guess that’s where I come in. I am like a good remix, it’s just my flavor and I will continue to stay true to who I am in it all. Painting to me is like traveling the world and I intend on evolving through my passion and staying true to who I am in it. This man since the day we met believes in me and loves who I am. The feeling is mutual. It feels like a connection that will always make its way through no matter what. We had an instant meet cute that we would both never forget, both online and again at the Puerto Rico Benefit we both donated art to and I MC’d the event. It was one of the best experiences of my artistic career because I was doing something outside of myself and my children and it felt good. We have had some great moments since then. Our talks are on going. We can talk forever. It’s like a great friend you don’t see for years and we just pick up right where we left off. Earlier this year, I received a wall at the Metropolitan at the 9 and asked him a few months ago to come meet me there to see my work and we had a drink at Azure. I didn’t waste any time and I asked him this, “Hector, I want to do a painting with you in your style. Here are some past paintings I did in your similar style and I want to create one with you. Will you do this with me?” Without hesitation, he said, YES. It felt like pure magic and I couldn’t wait to get started on the image I had in mind. The man and woman in the forefront of this painting is what I painted and the background of this painting is Hector’s. We met at Astoria Cafe where we took this picture. Seeing it for the first time since I gave it to him to paint the background, just takes my breath away. We will always have this moment between us that I plan on cherishing forever. This painting will only be shown and not sold. It’s priceless to us both. It will be first shown for the July exhibit I have at High Street Gallery in Akron and then it will go on the wall at the Metropolitan at the 9 in August. However, we will sell canvas prints of this for anybody interested in this piece for their home. I am in love with this from one of my favorite artists living today. It’s a gift I will cherish forever. I love you Hector. You are the Diego to my Frida. Thank you for being the best mentor, guide, and friend. I feel extra blessed for our union in this lifetime. Now let’s do more in the art world to make a difference in it because my mission is what we painted, LOVE. Your collaboration means the world to me. ♥️♥️♥️